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Interactive bookmarks,
with Bookmarkify

Effortlessly Save Time and Stay Inspired: Streamline your workflow with Bookmarkify.
No more juggling 10 tabs, find all your design inspiration in one place.
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Explore Websites in Desktop and Mobile Mode!

Discover the versatility of Bookmarkify as you effortlessly switch between desktop and mobile views. Immerse yourself in grid mode, go fullscreen, and even experience websites in mobile mode, all at your fingertips.
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Easily Sort Your Bookmarks by Tags or Search

You can stay productive and focused on your web design work. Whether you're looking for a specific site or want to organize your bookmarks by topic, Bookmarkify's tag and search functions help you find what you need in seconds.

Share your bookmarks with Bookmarkify Share

Share bookmarks with a unique URL linked to your account for seamless collaboration. Boost productivity and streamline your design workflow with Bookmarkify Share.
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Step 1

Discover and Save Your
Web Design Inspiration

When it comes to web design, finding and organizing your inspiration is key. Bookmarkify makes it a breeze. Explore your favorite websites and effortlessly save them for later. Add tags or descriptions for easy retrieval, and if you prefer, create custom tags. Need inspiration? Dive into our curated inspiration board!

Find inspiration!

Step 2

Streamline your
Inspiration Management

Boost your productivity and stay laser-focused on your web design projects with Bookmarkify. Seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile views to ensure your designs are pixel-perfect. Dive into grid mode, go full screen, and even preview websites in mobile mode for a comprehensive design experience.

Step 3

Explore Bookmarkify's
Extra Features

Bookmarkify goes beyond basic bookmarking. Share your web inspirations with others using our handy sharing tool. Share all your bookmarks or selectively choose specific tags for sharing. And for those who prefer working in low light, Bookmarkify offers a sleek dark mode to enhance your browsing experience.
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“Very cool bookmarking tool; 10x better than chrome. i have hundreds of bookmarks that i can never access and this really helps”
Ayush Soni
Independent designer + creative director
“Biiiig like! 🤩 This great tool is something that I will definitely use from now on!”
Sarah Vandenberghe
React Developer
“As a web designer, I can relate to the struggle of keeping track of all the websites that inspire me, but with your Chrome extension, it's easy to save and organize them with tags and custom descriptions. Thank you for simplifying our website saving process”
Devon C
UX Developer
“It's amazing! I'm in love with the tool, the fact that we can scroll between all our bookmark is so cool!”
Brand, Motion & Web Design.
“This extension is such a big quality of life upgrade, honestly i’ve become more efficient doing work with bookmarkify. Such an amazing extension, thanks!”
Alan Mohammed
Product Designer
“Such an amazing concept! Has totally improved my workflow and made finding inspiration ten times easier as well by the dedicated inspiration page. A perfect addon!”
Ilyes - Miss Blush
Motion Designer
“Every Designer spend time looking for inspiration.
Having all the sites you like disjointed into different chrome tabs can be painful sometimes. You even forget which part of the website you were liking especially at some points. @MiranoDesigns did such a great job building”
Matthis Garnier
Web/Product Designer
“Awesome extension, would highly recommend. I've already added 20+ bookmarks in under a week. Good work!”
Building in Framer.
“Really wanted something like this after I used other tools for copying my favorite sites. Bookmarkify is a game-changer! The view modes make it Perfect.”
Elias Boeckstijns
Creative Web Designer
“A very easy to use tool which creates an unprecedented overview for my numerous bookmarks!”
Chaim Adriaens
Looking to revolutionize IT-pharma
“This level of customization and flexibility is sure to make Bookmarkify a must-have tool for anyone who wants to stay organized and productive while browsing the web. Great job!”
Jennifer P
UI/UX Designer
“I love the simplicity of Bookmarkify! It's a great tool for saving websites and keeping them organized with tags and descriptions. The filtering options and grid/full-screen mode toggle are also really helpful.”
Product Designer & Developer

Functional Bookmark Viewing with Bookmarkify

Bookmarkifys bookmarks are presented in an iframe, which provides a full functional tab and lets you scroll to easily view your saved sites. This feature is designed to help you keeptrack of your favorite sites without having to open multiple tabs at the same time, making it much easier to manage your bookmarks than the standard bookmark functionality thatChrome provides.